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Royal Van Beest’s manufacturing technologies have been perfected over the course of decades and represent the leading edge within our industry. The wide variety of logistics locations ensure excellent global coverage for its premium quality products.


Royal Van Beest has invested heavily in the development of a production line with high quality output. The highly efficient machines in its factories are custom built to specific requirements – and to those of its customers. This is especially important in terms of the origin of the products: Royal Van Beest’s production facilities are all located in Europe in areas with a rich history of forging and an extensive knowledge of metallurgy. 

Made in Holland
The Green Pin® production facility and distribution centre are located on the Rhine waterfront in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands, 30 kilometres from Rotterdam. Rotterdam is Europe’s main port with shipping connections to all of the world’s major ports.

Made in France
Royal Van Beest’s chain fitting production facility is located in the very heart of France in Celles sur Durolle, Auvergne, 40 kilometres from Clermont Ferrand. This area is known for its large forging industry. The company started producing hooks at this location in 1987. All products were rebranded to Green Pin® in 2019.

Made in Spain
Royal Van Beest offers a full range of forged crane components, such as hooks, sheaves and blocks. Irizar Forge is located in Lazkao, in the industrial heartland of Northern Spain. Irizar Forge’s incredible forging capabilities allow them to forge products such as crane hooks to a maximum weight of 18,000 kg.

Made in Germany
Royal Van Beest has a manufacturing presence in Germany through its Heuer Hebetechnik brand. The Heuer Hebetechnik facility is located in Iserlohn, in the Ruhr Region of Germany – famous for its manufacturing expertise. From this facility, Heuer Hebetechnik can supply hooks with a size up to 320 (DIN).


Royal Van Beest offers its wide range of products directly from stock. The facilities have high-tech logistics systems that guarantee quick and efficient packaging and minimum risk of error. The result is that a customer order can be shipped from the distribution centre within 4 hours of placing the order. The inventory system is also connected to other branches worldwide to provide accurate information about availability, order status, and more.

Royal Van Beest’s distribution centre in the Netherlands
Green Pin® products are inspected and stored at the main distribution centre in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. It is located 30 kilometres from Rotterdam. Rotterdam is Europe’s main inbound seaport, with outbound shipping connections to all major business centres across the globe. The distribution centre features 6,000 m2 (65,000 square feet) of storage space for lifting and lashing equipment.

Royal Van Beest’s distribution centres in Houston and Chicago
Royal Van Beest has a distribution centre in Houston, Texas which holds a large stock of Green Pin® and Irizar Forge products. The location is over 1,400 m2 (15,000 square feet) in size, which is the biggest stock location of lifting equipment in the area. To offer customers in Canada and the Northern USA reduced freight expenses and transit times, Royal Van Beest also has an office and distribution centre in Chicago.

A worldwide distributor network
Aside from the distribution centres in the Netherlands, Spain and the USA, over 900 distributors in 90 countries also maintain Green Pin® product stock to serve their own target markets best. Royal Van Beest has carefully selected each of these suppliers for their excellent stockkeeping and (re-)certification of lifting gear abilities. They are trained by Royal Van Beest to give accurate technical assistance. These distributors are not stockholding partners for Irizar Forge and Heuer Hebetechnik products. If you are interested in their products, please contact us.

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