Heuer Hebetechnik: a complete range of high quality, heavy duty crane hooks

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Heuer Hebetechnik prides itself on producing quality hooks since 1893.


Heuer Hebetechnik prides itself on producing quality hooks, guaranteed. They can be manufactured to conform to a wide range of standards (including DIN or EN) as well as in a variety of different sizes from 1 (DIN) to 320 (DIN). The hooks can be made as blanks, with safety catches, or fully customized. They come in three different types:

  • Unmachined hooks
  • Machined hooks with nut
  • Complete hook assemblies



Since it began in 1893, Heuer Hebetechnik has been renowned for supplying a complete range of high quality, heavy duty crane hooks customized to customer specifications. The company’s large stock and speedy service mean that additional machining and extra safety features can be incorporated extremely quickly. The Royal Van Beest Group acquired the German company Heuer Hebetechnik in 2017, through its acquisition of Irizar Forge.


Heuer Hebetechnik guarantees quality. Each hook is delivered with its own specific Lloyd's quality certificate, as well as:

  • US/OFR certificate
  • Type 3.1 & 3.2 Inspection certificate to EN 10204


Industries served

Heuer products are used across many different industries. The company’s main focus is on assemblers of crane hook blocks and mobile crane manufacturers. The ability of Heuer Hebetechnik to manufacture high quality heavy duty crane hooks according to customer specifications makes it the preferred partner for many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) from Germany, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.

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