The Royal Van Beest Group has been operating since 1922. Dirk van Beest was a blacksmith in the home of the Dutch dredging industry: Sliedrecht, close to the Port of Rotterdam.

Dirk van Beest (pictured) produced a variety of components for the dredging and shipbuilding industry, starting with the shackles that would later be branded as Green Pin®. He was diligent and hardworking, and from the very start, Van Beest was associated with a commitment to creating 100% failsafe products combined with comprehensive and swift service. His singular focus enabled the company to grow quickly in parallel with the international growth of the Dutch dredging and maritime industry.

A timeline of major events in the history of Royal Van Beest:

  • In 1922, Van Beest was founded by Dirk van Beest
  • In 1989, Van Beest opened a Sales Office in Werl, Germany
  • In 1998, Van Beest opened its first office and distribution centre in the USA (Houston)
  • In 2007, Van Beest acquired Forges de L’Eminée to expand its product range
  • In 2016, Van Beest opened its second distribution centre in the US (Chicago)
  • In 2017, Van Beest acquired Load Solutions to add synthetic chain to its product range (Green Pin Tycan®)
  • In 2017, Van Beest also acquired Irizar Forge and Heuer Hebetechnik to include all major crane components into its product range

Today, Royal Van Beest is still family-owned. It is headquartered in Sliedrecht and has production sites in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Spain, with distribution centres in Sliedrecht, Chicago and Houston.