Sling Supply International: Benchmark for lifting solutions and equipment in the wind energy sector

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Sling Supply International (Slingsintt) is the standard when it comes to engineering and manufacturing of lifting equipment for wind turbines. Slingsintt extensive team of engineers has over 40 years of experience to tackle any lifting challenge.

Specialist in wind turbine lifting equipment

Due to the rapid expansion of the wind turbine industry, Slingsintt strives every day to create better and safer lifting devices and installations. The focus in particular is engineering, manufacturing and supplying more ergonomic equipment while simultaneously improving the safety and assembly time of the wind turbines both in the wind farms and factories. Slingsintt’s main goal is to help optimize processes, with particular attention to safety. With over 40 years of experience, Slingsintt offers its customers a comprehensive service in the field.


Products and services

Slingsintt’s designs and develops hundreds of solutions and lifting devices for all kinds of manoeuvres that require the handling of heavy loads. The team of engineers is engaged in offering and designing customized solutions with the highest degree of reliability.

Slingsintt has two product categories: Commercial products and customized products.

Slingsintt’s service does not end with the delivery of the material. Periodically their technicians go to the customer’s facilities to follow up and in case required to repair the lifting elements. In this service Slingsintt will propose the changes to be made in order to resolve any possible incidents and advice on how to improve the systems based on the safety and operation of their manoeuvres.

Slingsintt has a test bench capable of testing up to 240 t. The innovative design of this test bench allows the user to adapt to an infinite number of configurations in order to simulate the real working conditions.

Core values

Slingsintt recognizes the importance of quality to satisfy the needs of our customers and suppliers. Therefore, Slingsintt is committed to comply with the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 regulation and to continually improve the efficiency of its Quality Management System.

Training and continuous improvement are the basis on which the production model of Slingsintt is founded.

Industries served

Slingsintt is active in several markets such as onshore & offshore windmill installation, foundry, electric machinery lifting and general industry. The company also offers commercial products in its assortment and can handle a wide variety of industries.

How to contact us?

Central Offices
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Engineering and Warehouse
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