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Production The Netherlands: Green Pin® shackles

In our factory in Sliedrecht, The Netherlands we make our Green Pin® shackles. These shackles are still a genuine "Made in Holland" product. 

The process starts with the arrival of steel bars, which are cut to lengths needed to produce a shackle. From ordering the raw material until the shipment of the final product, the process is thoroughly controlled.

Storage raw material


Forging eyes The bar length is heated and the shackle eyes are forged. The traceability code on the shackles makes it possible to trace every single Green Pin® shackle back to the raw material it was made of.
Bending Again the bar is heated, and after that the bar is bent. Production of the pins starts in the same way. A hexagon head is forged on the bar, and thread is rolled or cut on the opposite end. Machining pin
Painting pins Finally all bow and dee bodies are galvanized. After galvanization, the pins are powdercoated in the distinctive green color that makes them a genuine Green Pin® product.

The half-finished product is now ready for assembly.